It is with extreme frustration and sadness that I must tell you of Waiting For Godot’s cancellation.

Losing one play is hard, but losing two in a row for reasons beyond our control is unbearable. I was so excited to show off The West Side Show Room’s amazing new work.

The truth is that one of our leads, decided to leave the play because he had not memorized his lines in time for our Saturday opening.

This actor is a very talented, hardworking, and proud actor who simply refuses to go on stage if he feels he cannot deliver his best performance.

We all disagreed with the actor about his decision. We believed in him.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to find a replacement for this challenging role in time for our scheduled dates.

Although this is a setback, I can only feel discouraged for so long before my determination to succeed returns. Our plan is to recast and bring Waiting For Godot back later this year. We will issue refunds immediately to all advance ticket holders, and hope you will return to support us in the future.

Thank you all for understanding, for supporting our fledgling organization through this awkward startup time, and for believing in our mission to bring a new kind of theater experience to Rockford, Illinois.

Mike Werckle
Artistic Director
The West Side Show Room