MilkMilkLemonade - Carolyn Cadigan

Carolyn Cadigan returns to the West Side Show Room as Lady in a Leotard in MilkMilkLemonade, where (among other things) she plays a spider, a parasitic twin, translates chicken clucking into common English, and sings Charlene's "I've Never Been To Me."

Carolyn has been performing for the past couple of decades on most of the stages in town – Clock Tower Dinner Theatre, Rockford University, NAT, Artists’ Ensemble – and most recently, touring the area in her husband Rufus Cadigan's Rockford history musical, “Old River Tales."

Carolyn says she "is so pleased to be part of this exciting new theater in Rockford and looks forward to helping the West Side Show Room prosper and grow!"

Come see Carolyn translate chicken clucking-- reserve tickets for MilkMilkLemonade today!