WSSR is CANCELLING our upcoming performance of Mrs. Bob Cratchit’s Wild Christmas Binge

Every play is a struggle with a unique set of challenges, and sometimes the challenges are too much to overcome. Mrs. Bob Cratchit lost it’s lead to a family tragedy with only a week to go before the show opened. We met as a cast and talked over all of the options, but in the end we decided it was best to cancel the play. After all it is just a play, and there will be many more.

The WSSR refuses to put on a show that we feel is not going to meet our own high standards and the level of quality our audience has come to expect from us. This was an especially hard decision given the fact that Mrs. Bob was our last show at 410 Mulberry Street before the end of our lease-- and the last show of the WSSR’s first season.

Our thoughts are with our fellow cast member who is going through a difficult time. The play would not have been the same without this wonderful actor’s presence.

Although this is a discouraging setback, rest assured the WSSR will be back next year someplace new with more crazy surprises, cardboard, and feathers!

Thank you for being a part of our first year.

Mike Werckle
Artistic Director