Actor Profile - David Mortenson


David didn't give us that bio we asked for three times, so that means we get to make things up about him.

David is a native Inuit, raised on whale blubber and caribou feces in the wild northern settlement of Ikaluktutiak. His first play was presented to an audience comprised primarily of Collared Lemmings, who he then followed into the icy waters and to his untimely death.

After his death, David shambled to Rockford, Illinois where he may or may not have been involved with the theater. A brief Google search provides only the most embarrassing of post-adolescent selfies. 

There is a photo of him holding a hula hoop in Starlight Theatre's production of 9 to 5.

David is beside himself with joy to be involved with The West Side Show Room's inaugural productions.

Come see David knock it out of the park as King Carlisle in Vampire Lesbians of Sodom, and as Ian Mckenzie in Sleeping Beauty, or Coma-- reserve your tickets today!